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Whether you’re protecting your ATV or yourself, the right insurance coverage can provide you peace of mind and a way to recover from a sudden loss.

With over 50 years of helping Canton, TX, individuals find the insurance coverage for their property, Wallace & Murray Insurance is confident that we can help you find the coverage you need at the premium you want.

We work with over 50 insurance providers, so no matter what you’re looking to cover, we can help.

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Affordable Personal Insurance in Canton, TX

RV Insurance

An RV is more than a vehicle and more than a home. It’s part of your lifestyle, and you need the right coverage to protect it. Wallace & Murray Insurance can help.

ATV Insurance

Whether you use it for hunting or off-roading, your ATV is a powerful tool. Wallace & Murray Insurance can find the coverage that protects it–and you.

Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time rider, you need quality motorcycle insurance coverage to protect you. Let Wallace & Murray Insurance find the perfect policy for you.

Boat Insurance

If you love life out on the water, chances are you love your boat and want to keep it protected. We can help find a boat insurance policy to do just that.

Farm & Ranch

Protecting your farm or ranch is important, especially if you aren’t the first generation caring for the land. Let Wallace & Murray Insurance find a farm and ranch policy that meets your needs and budget.

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella coverage will give you more coverage for yourself, your liability, and your possessions. Wallace & Murray Insurance can find an umbrella policy that gives you the coverage you need.

Covering Canton, TX, for 50 Years–without Extra Fees

Wallace & Murray Insurance has been providing coverage for Canton, TX, and all of Van Zandt County since 1972. No matter what you’re looking to cover, our agents will be able to find you a policy for it without hidden charges or agent fees.

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